How you’ll help refugees

Mother Theresa said, “If I look at the masses, I will never act; if I look at the one, I will.”

Your donation will help one former refugee recover. And that’s beautifully personal.

There are refugee torture and trauma rehabilitation organisations, like ours, in 70 countries. Whys so many? Sadly it’s because because state-sanctioned violence is customary in 141 countries.

This video from Chicago USA shows how organisations like ours, with the help of kind and generous supporters like you, help these courageous survivors:

Video transcript: “Torture is happening in epidemic proportions globally. It breaks the spirit, it breaks the mind, it breaks the body….

What is torture?

Torture is the deliberate infliction of severe physical or psychological pain carried out by anyone acting in an official capacity. Torture exerts control over people and communities to create a cycle of fear, intimidation and alienation. Torture is a crime under international law.

What are the consequences of torture?

Survivors of torture often suffer from a complex post-traumatic stress disorder, which is manifested by anxiety, distrust, depression, flashbacks, intrusive memories related to the traumatic event, memory problems, and often a range of physical symptoms.

What is the treatment for torture survivors?

The goal of torture is to disempower individuals and communities. The goal of treatment, therefore, is to empower survivors to use their strengths to regain independence and personal integrity. Clients may receive medical, mental health, and social services. Many clients who recently arrived in New Zealand also need assistance with food, housing, and employment. Our Counsellors act as Advocates too, helping survivors restore trust in others and re-establish a sense of community.

What your donation will achieve:

Mother Theresa said, “If I look at the masses, I will never act; if I look at the one, I will.” It’s ‘the one’ your donation will help. Your gift will help one former refugee to recover. Because of you, one former refugee will receive a chance to thrive, a chance to live a fulfilling and safe life with their family.

Here’s what former refugees say about the help they’ve received:

“I feel a great burden has fallen off my shoulders and that feeling of depression is gone. You have helped me make that positive step toward the future and given me a sense of hope.”

“Now, I sleep in comfort without using sedatives.”

“My nightmares have reduced to one a week.”

“You have a very hard job, because it is your job to put the soul back in the body.”

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with your sorrow. Because of you, I now lead a normal life”.

Please consider helping more survivors recover with a regular gift?
Regular donations provide vital predictable income and help more former refugees. Read more at support Refugee Trauma Recovery